The Store

You'll have in the store and in the Workshop follow special Shop-Offers

Nils Thomsen Pipes is the only store of its kind in Berlin and one of very few in Germany that specializes exclusively in pipes, pipe tobacco and pipe accessories. Customers who visit the store are certain to receive expert advice and service.

Situated in the former east, just inside the Treptow border, lies the small but quaint pipe shop. While considered to be off the beaten path and to some extent hidden, Nils Thomsen Pipes maintains a steady flow of customers most of whom have been there several times before and some who have come for the first time in search of the perfect pipe, new tobacco and insightful conversation. Visitors to the shop will inevitably take note of the all too familiar smell of tobacco, imposing yet comforting collection of pipes, and the precise disorganization of an artist.

Should you find yourself in the area, consider stopping in for a bowl of tobacco, a coffee and possibly the chance to watch Nils create his next masterpiece.